Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Extended Vacation

Hello all- just an update to prove them I'm still alive and well! Soon after my trip, I was thrown into a series of events that proved more than difficult. Among other situations, my boyfriend and I broke it off, and I was forced to quickly search for a new place to stay next to my new college that I'll be attending for Fall semester. I'm not going to lie and say that it was easy, but hindsight sheds light onto previously hopeless situations and is serving as a reminder that everything really does happen for a reason. My ex-boyfriend is still one of my best friends and we continue to love and support one another, and while I'm still excited for the near future and all that it holds, I'm even more thankful for every moment and breath that I've been granted to practice just being and living in light. While I may be absent for a little while longer, until everything is situated and I have the proper time to give this blog it's deserved attention, I promise that I don't plan on abandoning it and that I will be back soon. 

If you're interested in keeping up with me, even when I'm a bit too busy for blogging, feel free to stop by my Instagram @ coeur_de_fleurs.
Love & light wishes to you!


  1. That's life! you get these hiccups from time to time.we will still be here when you get back,xx

  2. I hope all is still well with you and that you're enjoying your blogging break, be it temporary or for good. I'm not on Instagram but would love to stay in touch. We used to chat through my old blog, Barcode Alternative, and you were one of my favorite people to chat with. I'm always up for a message if you are. Cheers to you and well deserved and needed breaks!

    1. Thank you for your support :) I would love to keep up with you but I can't seem to find your new blog. If you leave me a link, I'll be sure to follow.