Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Playing Catch-Up and Liebster Award Nomination

Hello lovelies! Just a quick catch-up: I haven't been able to post this week because I've been busy with the new job, and I had to pick up a few extra shifts because one of our employees was away. Although exhausted from my busy week, I've missed blogging so much! It just shows how therapeutic I find posting and chatting with fellow bloggers, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon :)

I've created one of my favorite DIY's I've ever done, and I can't wait to share it! Even more exciting is that I was asked to do a guest post for a fellow blogger. I've decided not to unveil my DIY here until I find out if she'd rather me make it exclusive to her blog, or if we can double post. If she asks for exclusivity, I will still share a sneak-peek and, of course, the link to my DIY that will be on her lovely blog. Stay tuned!


An equally exciting thing that happened during my absence is my nomination by my friend at Allerdings for the Liebster Award! I'm tickled that she thought of nominating me, and I can't wait to think of questions to ask 11 other new bloggers that I will nominate!

If you'd like more information on the Liebster Award, you can visit Allerding's post here :)
The following are questions that Allerdings has asked me to answer as part of being a new blogger and receiving the Liebster Award. 

1. If any character from a novel could be your best friend, who would you want it to be and why? 
That would have to be The Little Prince. The Little Prince was given to me by my 1st-grade teacher when I was younger and I was reading past the grade-level books that our class was being given. At the time, I loved the book, but I didn't fully grasp the adult concepts in the story. Now when I read it, I'm amazed at the wisdom of the children's tale, and my affinity for it only grew when I found out that it was originally written in French. If I ever met The Little Prince, I would invite him to tea and chat for hours about the things that matter- you know, the stars, roses, foxes, and how to keep sheep from eating our flowers. If you haven't read the book, you must! 

 2. What dreams have you fulfilled?
 Four years ago, I had a dramatic, teenage Tumblr in which I wrote, "I hope that one day, I'm able to look at my life and be content and happy in the exact place I'm in, doing whatever I'm doing, and know that 'this is where I'm supposed to be in life' ". Not long ago, I was reminiscing and laughing at my old self on Tumblr and when I read it, I almost cried, because I'm in that place right now. And, I think that as time passes, that feeling that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be in my life will only grow, because I've found peace within myself and my life that I can carry with me through all of my ventures :)

 3. Do you collect anything?
Yes, but not purposely. I realized that I've began a collection of pretty bottles and jars. Some, thrifted, and others reused from pasta sauce, etc. I then tend to collect things inside of the mason jars, like pretty gems and stones. I suppose I'm sounding like less of a collector and more of a pack-rat, hm? 

4. What is the number one reason you started your blog?
As an outlet for my creativity and a platform to be able to share it!

5. When not blogging, what do you do for fun?
I love to craft, but I suppose that goes along with blogging! I also like video games (Pokemon's my favorite, shhh), cooking, playing with Belly-Rabbit, and making Kandi.

6. If you have a Time Machine, where would you go?
I know this might sound cliche, but I wouldn't go anywhere. To go to the past, I could potentially mess up something in the future, and if I went to the future, I'd miss out on what I have in the present!

7. What's your guilty pleasure?
FRENCH FRIES. I could eat french fries every day, all day. And green tea.

8. What's your favorite romantic comedy?
Oh, gosh. I haven't seen a romantic comedy in quite a while. I have an older one in mind, but I can't think of the name and the plot is too complicated to explain! My second favorite older one would be The Break-Up.

9. If you were on a desert island, what 3 items would you want with you? (You have water/food. doesn't count.)
I almost said my boyfriend, but then realized that he's not an item! Hm... I would want what ever 3 things that would help me get off that island the quickest. Items aren't all that important to me, it's the people in my life that counts, and I wouldn't want to be away from them for so long.

10. What is one skill or hobby you've always wanted to learn?
I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar. I've made lists ever since I was little that consisted of things I wanted to do that day, and I swear, one of them has always been "Practice guitar". I have a guitar, I just find myself choosing other activities over learning guitar. But, no excuses, right? Maybe I'll pick it back up again soon :)

11. What quality do you find most attractive in others?
When people are open-minded and grounded in who they are. I especially appreciate people who show to not be judgmental and are able to love and accept others who aren't like themselves.

This was fun! I will be nominating 11 others through E-mail, with 11 new questions very soon. If you'd like to keep updated on who I nominate, you can check back here, as I plan to add their names and links so that you guys can check out some of my favorite new bloggers too!

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  1. Congratulations on the award!great answers!

  2. Congratulations on the award and thanks for sharing some pieces of your life. I've decided to apply to have French Fries made into an official Food Group. Feel free to jump on the bandwagon.

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  3. i loved reading your answers! and i'm happy for you that you are happy with where you are now :)

  4. Glad to know much about you. Gosh, I still watch Pokemon and play it's cards with cousins!