Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY: Dreamcatcher Inspirational Pin-Board

Previously, I had created a piece of inspirational, dry-erase wall art so that I could write my morning to-dos that help me stay emotionally and physically healthy every day. My functional wall-art helped me so much, that I decided I wanted a similar, interchangeable wall-art piece.

My boyfriend and I often visit the local craft store for Kandi making supplies, and while he browses the bead section, I find myself roaming the rest of the store for goodies and deals. This time, when I walked by a wooden embroidery hoop that was on sale for $2, the perfect interchangeable wall-art came to me! I decided that I would make a large dreamcatcher, using the hoop as the base, and that in the inner web of string, I could use miniature clothespins to pin up whatever inspired me for the week! I loved this idea, because the options for pinning were endless- fortune cookies, photos from magazines, stamps from old postcards... 

Creating the dreamcatcher pin-board was much easier than the final product would lead one to think. Below, I've created an easy DIY with photos and steps to follow so that you lovelies can have as much fun as I did by creating your own :)

You will need:

From Left to Right & Top to Bottom: 1 Large Embroidery Hoop, Suede Cord in the color of your choice, 1 pack of Feathers (I bought a second because I liked the longer feathers), Optional: Glitter paint & Acrylic paint in the color of your choice, Tiny Spring Clothespins, Superglue, Scissors, String in the color of your choice, Bead(s) for the string-web in color of your choice, and a handful or so of Pony Beads in the color of your choice (not shown above).

What to do:

1. Dab a dot of Superglue at the top of the embroidery hoop. Place the beginning of your Suede String here, and wrap around the rest of the hoop evenly, without overlapping. When you reach the end of the hoop, cut the Suede String and hold it down with one more dab of Superglue.

2. Cut off a long piece of the Regular String to start the inner web of the dreamcatcher. I guesstimated, but you could easily measure around the hoop to know how much Regular String to cut off. Take a pencil or a light pen to make marks where you will tie off the string. You will want to make 8 even segments, so that you will make 8 knots with the Regular String around the wrapped hoop. 

Below is a photo of how your dreamcatcher should look when you're finished with the first 2 steps.

3. Creating the rest of the inner web of the dreamcatcher is much simpler than it looks! Step two is basically repeated until you reach the middle opening. Cut another piece of long, Regular String and, this time, you will tie a knot in the middle of each segment. Make sure to keep the string and knots tight, or your dreamcatcher will look like a tangly mess! By keeping the string tight and continuing the same method with each piece of Regular String, you will create the diamond-shaped pattern. If you prefer to entirely fill your dreamcatcher with the diamond web, you may, but the more string that is added, the harder it becomes to keep the string and knots tight. I threaded on 1 Bead after the 4th or 5th row, but you may choose to have multiple beads in multiple places, or none!

Below is a close-up of what your inner web of the dreamcatcher should look like, and where I chose to thread my dark-blue bead.

4. Congratulations- the base of your dreamcatcher is finished! I chose to add feathers to the bottom, and to both the left and right side of my dreamcatcher. To do so, simply take a piece of the same Suede Cord and loop-knot it around the bottom of your dreamcatcher. Then, add one or two Pony Beads to each hanging side. Add the amount of Feathers of your choice under each Pony Bead (I chose to fit 2 or 3 on each hanging side). The Feathers should fit snugly under the Pony Beads and not budge, but to be safe, I added one dot of Superglue on each feather. I repeated this step once again to add lower feathers, too.

Below is a picture showing the knot and placement of the hanging feathers.

5. To end each side of Feathers and Suede, I added 2 Pony Beads at the end, and then proceeded to thread the end of the suede through the higher Pony Bead. This means that through the upper Pony Bead (the white bead in the photo below), there the Suede has been thread through the bead twice. This secures the Suede so that you won't find any lost beads or feathers on the floor!

Below is a photo of what the bottoms of your Feather & Suede strings should look like.

6. Repeat the making of the feather-suede strings for both the right and left sides. If you're going to hang your dreamcatcher, you can add a piece of Suede string to the top of the dreamcatcher like I did mine. 

You've now made your dreamcatcher! Yours should look something like mine below :)

But WAIT! You're not finished! Now you have the chance to turn your beautiful dreamcatcher into a functional piece of inspirational wall-art through a very simple method. Continue on with the last two steps below.

7. I chose to paint my Miniature Clothespins (that you can find at most craft stores) with Glitter Paint, but painting them with a lovely Acrylic, or even keeping them natural and bare would be cute, too. 

8. Gather up a few pieces of visual inspiration. Anything from magazine photos, fortune cookies, old movie ticket-stubs that remind you of a special date, or special pictures of your family and friends. Use 1 or 2 Miniature Clothespins per item, and then pin away on the inner portion of your dreamcatcher's web!

Below are close-ups of the Inspirational items that I chose to pin on my dreamcatcher. From left to right & top to bottom: A cute note that I found attached to this Kawaii Kitty from my boyfriend, An inspirational note that I found on the floor my 1st year of college, a photo of my mother and her beloved pup, Buddy, an old piece of map that I cut into a heart, and a recent fortune cookie that reads, "Opportunities surround you if you know where to look."

My Dreamcatcher Inspirational Pin-Board turned out even better than I'd imagined! I love that I can take down and put up whatever I please, and that this large dreamcatcher would've sold in stores for so much more money that it took me to make it! Sounds like a success to me :)

I decided to hang my dreamcatcher above my bed to remind me of all of the things that I'm thankful for, before I go to bed. What are you going to pin on your hand-made dreamcatcher, and where are you going to hang yours? I'd love to see your finished products too :)

P.S. This post was featured on the blog Avenue Gray! Feel free to check her out here :)


  1. Such a clever idea!! I wish I were crafty. I have the hardest time getting motivated. :)


    Jules of Canines & Couture

    1. I know what you mean, I never know what I'm going to do until I see something at the craft store that inspires me!

  2. Oh, I love this! I love making dreamcatchers, and this is such a unique idea!

    1. Thanks! It's amazing how expensive they're sold for in some places, too, so making them is more thrifty :)

  3. What an AWESOME idea!Definitely a great way to stay motivated and healthy :)

  4. Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING! I just bought dreamcatchers and I've always wanted to make a bigger one to use as an inspiration board. I'm Native American and it's a huge thing for me, especially in home decor. Adore this post.

    xo, Brittany
    Derae Art