Monday, June 3, 2013

"Rise and Shine" Dry-Erase Morning Motivational Board

Still practicing hiding from photo reflections- eep!

I've been meaning to make a motivational morning board for a while now, but I couldn't decide how to go about it. I knew that I wanted to make it erasable and rewritable so that I could add my day's important to-dos, but my apartment is home to quite a few chalkboard pieces already and so I wanted something different. Something bright and cheery that would serve as art and functionality. I played with the idea of dry-erase boards, but the ones that I've come across are not only très cher, but heavy and artistically limiting.

I filed the idea away for a few weeks and let it fester until I stumbled across a black frame with it's glass at Michael's Craft Store that was on sale for $2 because it had a nick on the corner. The little nick inspired me to paint it a pretty blue ombre (because every girl has to dabble with the ombre trend at least once). I'd once heard that dry-erase marker works perfectly on glass- so I crossed my fingers and gave it a try! The dry-erase marker worked like a charm and left no trace when I used a dry cloth to wipe it off. Perfect!

I decided upon the cliche "Rise and Shine" with a twist by making a printable that said "Rise and..." followed by bullet numbers- the last one being "Shine" and then backed it on a piece of scrapbook paper (that was on sale at Joanne's for 10 cents!) that matched the color that I painted the frame.

The board needed depth, so I decided to add a miniature banner by cutting out green and yellow triangles and taping them to a piece of purple hemp string and threading them through the glass and the frame so that they added a 3-dimensional element.

For such a simple and CHEAP project, it turned out really cute! If I'd seen this at a store, I would've bought it for much more than I spent to make it. Below, I've added DIY directions and a free printable so that you can make your own dry-erase motivational board!

You Will Need:

1. Your free "Rise and Shine" printable here and (optional) a piece of scrapbook paper to back it with that matches your frame color.

2. A full frame (glass included) and one color paint of your choosing + white paint (I used acrylic)

3. Extra scrapbook or card-stock paper, string, and clear tape to make the banner.

4. Dry-erase marker

What To Do:

1. Paint the bottom of your frame the color of your choosing. After, mix white paint with the color previously used to paint the frame bottom to create a lighter shade of the same color. With the new color, paint the top half of the frame. Where the dark and light shades of paint meet, blend with a paintbrush. Let the frame sit until completely dry.

2. Make the banner: Cut out 3 medium-sized triangles of one color and 2 of another. If your frame is longer, feel free to cut out more! Measure out a piece of string a bit the width of your frame (not the width of the glass). Fold over the flat bottoms of each triangle onto the string and secure with a piece of tape on the back side. If need be, trim the folded triangle pieces so that they don't stick out.

3. With the frame turned over and the glass removed, place the banner near the top of the frame so that the tape is facing you and the strings hang off the frame. Place the glass back onto the frame with the banner still there. Now, you will be able to adjust the banner from the front to your liking. Once you decide that it's in the perfect place, simply secure the strings to the back of the frame with a piece of clear tape (It's okay, nobody is going to see the back!). Trim any extra string as needed so that extra doesn't hang off the sides.

4. Secure the "Rise and Shine" printable to a piece of card-stock that matches the frame's color. If your frame is larger than the size of a piece of paper, make sure that you keep the insert that comes with it, so that it can be used as further backing to fill up the entire frame. Secure the frame, and


Next to the free bullet numbers, I like to write in inspirational messages like "Love yourself" next to some of the day's actual to-dos like "Tidy the house", but feel free to use it in any way you see fit!


  1. I love this! My husband and I was just thinking of having one of this board you can write on and he thought of a black board and use colored chalks but you know these are messy and all those chalks and we have kids, I was thinking allergies. So I told him that a frame with glass can do it and just look for pen that is erasable in glass. So it is! Dry erase marker I will try to look for that in our book store. Love your board and color!

    1. I loved the idea of a chalkboard too, but they really are messy, and I always end up getting the chalk all over my hands and clothes (maybe this is a sign I'm still a kid, eh?) The dry-erase marker on glass really works perfectly! I hope yours turns out just as well :)

  2. This is fantastic - what a great idea! I definitely need to make this!

    I'm a new follower and am loving reading all your posts

    Kayte x

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your blog too so I gave you a follow on BlogLovin' :)

  3. I love this idea! And the colour scheme!

    Will definitely be trying this idea out for those mornings when I need a push!


  4. I can't seem to get away from these colors, I think that they're my permanent favorite! Glad you enjoyed.

  5. How cute!! I think I'll make this my first DIY project. Thanks for the inspiration!!