Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Indigo Angel Crafts Etsy Shop

 Good news for lovers of spirituality, quality handmade designs, and inspirational messages- my artistically inclined friend, Megan, has created an Etsy shop named Indigo Angel Crafts to display and sell her lovely, handmade shirts and painted lighters! The items for sale are all priced very fairly- lighters being around $4 and shirts starting at $25. Miss talented will not only recreate any of the displayed t-shirts or lighters for you, but will work with you to create and ship to you a completely unique design of your choosing!

I love learning about the person behind the shop, and I thought that my readers might enjoy a bit of background information about this beauty too. Instead of giving her a list of boring questions to answer like a test, I decided to pick the most important question, "Why did you start Indigo Angel Crafts?" and asked her to elaborate.

Megan's response was honest and candid:

"Well I've always been an artsy person, I love to draw and paint. I do it for fun all the time. I also love fashion and clothes.The problem was that I am a broke college kid, and don't always have the money to go spend on new clothes. I would see different designs in magazines and online, and one day I thought, hey, I could make that. So I finally tried it! I tested on a shirt I already had, and used bleach to paint the design. It actually turned out pretty cool. After that, I made all kinds of stuff, testing on all my clothes. It was cool because I could put exactly what I wanted on the shirts, and it was one of a kind. I dress the way I feel, and like quirky, kind of "out- there" kinds of things, and now I can express what I really like through my clothing. Many of my friends encouraged me to sell the shirts and clothes I was making, and I finally broke down and made a store on Etsy. I am excited, and I hope I can work with customers to help them express how they feel through the clothing we create together."

Below are some of Indigo Angel Craft's currently displayed T-shirts:

And some of her lovely, currently displayed, handmade lighters:

Aren't her shirts and lighters perfect!? You can help support Megan and her shop Indigo Angel Crafts by purchasing her currently displayed items here or contacting her through her Etsy shop and requesting a unique piece!

Soon, Megan will be creating a shop button that I will post under my "Blog Love" tab. If you're interested in supporting Megan by posting her shop button on your own blog or shop page once she creates one, feel free to contact me through my E-mail on my sidebar :)

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