Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baby Shower & EDM Event Outfits

The other week, I was really busy and I didn't think that I was going to have as much blogging time as I'd hoped for, so I made it a point to take pictures of some of my outfits and outings. However, I really prefer blogging about the surprises that my current day brings, so most of the photos will likely be collecting dust on my memory card. R.I.P.

I thought I'd save a few from my favorite day last week from their doomed fate. These few were chosen because I especially liked the stark contrast between my day and night outfits!

I was invited to my old soccer coach's baby shower who is expecting a little girl! If you didn't see the baby shower gift that I gave with the handmade card, you can check it out here! The shower was adorable and when I arrived to see the cute decor I was dissapointed that I didn't think to bring my camera. We played a few shower games and I got to catch up with the expectant mommy and some of my old teammates. **Advice for vegan party-goers: Eat before, or bring your own food!!! I ate a bit before I left, but once I saw everyone snacking, I felt like I hadn't eaten in days! Next time, I plan on bringing my own little vegan dish (to share, of course) and maybe a vegan dessert, too. Vegan cookies anyone?

- Dress: Cotton on for around $15 
- Skinny Stud Belt: Forever 21 $4.50
- Brown Bow Flats: Payless for around $10

I found myself at a local EDM event with my boyfriend. If you've never been to a rave or an EDM event, my outfit probably looks a little bit crazy, but I promise, it's the norm in this environment! I love trading Kandi with old friends, or even people I've just met, and supporting my boyfriend who spins poi and sometimes fire! He's getting pretty good at gloving too. If what I'm saying sounds like a foreign language to you, you can check out poi and gloving on one of my older posts where I shared some videos of my boyfriend practicing them here.

Aaron has also recently created a Facebook page that he's named the Kandi Corner, where he's already received 90 likes in 2 days! It's mostly a page just to show off some of his Kandi and spread PLUR, but he also makes really nice, custom Kandi masks for 15-25$ for local customers. I'm pushing him to start an Etsy business so that others can enjoy them too! Feel free to bug him on his page here to start an Etsy business so that you can order one of his awesome masks too, or just to show some support :)

Sorry for the 2 fuzzy photos! They were taken from a camera phone and a computer before/during the night.

- Semi Self-Made Fringe & BeadTop: I bought the flowy tank with triangles from Forever 21 for $10. At home, I fringed the front of the top to string ombre purple and blue beads on. I left the back without beads, because I thought it looked cute the way it was, and my patience was thinning :P....
- Kandi: Handmade and traded with beautiful people!


  1. Your hair is SO pretty! I just found your blog on the Wonder Forest blogger connect. I really love your blog, you have some great tutorials!

    1. Aw, thank you! I miss my pink hair, but I'm seeing some family soon and I don't want to scare them off ;P. I'm going to go and check yours out now :)