Monday, June 24, 2013

Drool-worthy Monday Favorites

Welcome to my new, weekly (if my schedule allows!) Drool-worthy Monday Favorites! Each week, I will collect some of my favorite items that I find on the Internet and post them here for all of you to enjoy. This, of course, includes a little description of each item and a link back to where I discovered them so that you can purchase them (or just drool over them ;P) Enjoy!

1. Gold-Toned Fairy Ear Cuff: A perfect, tiny touch of whimsy to any outfit! I loved it even more when I saw the price- only $9.80! You can buy it online at Urbanog here.

 2. Bamboo Stem Reading Glasses: I currently have a pair of reading glasses that are black with a touch of pink on the inside, but I would love to rock these! The bamboo sides make the pink quirky and cute instead of obnoxious. For $68, you can find them in stores at Anthropologie, or online here.

3.Chirp-worthy Beechwood Cutting Board: I'm moving into a new apartment soon, so I'm always on the lookout for cute home decor. I prefer to use natural materials in my kitchen, so I'm happy that this is made from wood AND adorable. Yes please. For $19.99 you can buy it here from ModCloth.

4. Molang I-Phone Charm: Meet Molang! The most adorable Japanese, chubby bunny-rabbit that I ever did see. Like Molang wasn't cute enough already, he's holding an ice-cream cone. Molang is on sale for just $3.80 on an Etsy shop called Cocoon, here.

5. Round Gold Crown Baking Cups: These baking cups can be used to hold anything from candy to nuts, or, my favorite, cupcakes! You know what would look best in 
 them? Vegan cupcakes ;). You can buy them for $6 at Bake It Pretty, here

6. Apple Orchard Earrings: I've always had an affinity for apples, maybe because my mom used to be a teacher when I was younger and I remember her classroom often being apple-themed. These apple earrings would be an adorable gift for a teacher, wouldn't they? Or, you can treat yourself by buying them for $10.99 here at Ruche.

7. Fox Lunch Bag: This lunch bag is made with organic cotton and lined with foil to keep your lunch cool. The adorable print would make me want to pack lunch from home more often! It can be found for $39.99 at ModCloth, here.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Easy DIY: Burlap Chevron Pencil Pouch


I saw these adorable burlap pencil-pouches at Target a while back for only $1, and so I scooped them up for later crafting. They sat in my craft bin for weeks, and were eventually buried beneath the continental crust of crafting supplies. I have SO much to do today, so what better time to procrastinate with an easy craft? I dug through my craft bin and rediscovered the sad, little burlap pouch and decided that it could use some color. The Sharpies were already out on the table from Aaron using them to experiment "Sharpie Tie-dying" (which I must save to explain on a different day!) and so I did what any lazy crafter would do and decided that it was Sharpie time. I've been obsessed with the blue/green color palette lately (does my blog make that obvious :P?) and so, naturally, I chose Sharpies to fit my color palette mood.

Unfortunately, I don't believe that these little burlap pouches are available in the Target $1 section anymore, but I did stumble upon a simple sewing DIY to make your own burlap pouch from Crafting Goodness, here!

I chose the chevron pattern because it was an easy pattern, and from previous experience, the simpler I keep my projects, the better they turn out! I simply alternated colors and widths of zig-zags and then I decided to add a bit of sparkle with simple glitter paint that was laying on top of my craft bin.... I think it's time to organize that craft bin, hm? The pouch turned out a much cuter version of itself and I'm very pleased with the final result!

If you're the more visual type and you've decided to skim or even skip this portion (don't worry, I do it too!), I've provided a simple photo collage of the craft just below.

I love Target's $1 section! Do you have any easy crafts that you've created using materials from there?

Guess who.....

Guess who got a new job?

This girl did!

I've been looking for a new job since the beginning of Summer, and I finally landed one! It's a small job as a hostess, but I'm getting paid more than I ever had at my previous jobs. Memorizing the table numbers and seating arrangements is a little bit stressful, but other than that, it seems like easy work. Plus, I like being able to chat with customers as I show them their to their tables- much better than doing busywork somewhere else.

I still plan on updating my blog as time allows, but I'm not going to stress myself with making timely posts (see here for more on how I feel about this!)

Love and light to all of my readers :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Website Discovery: Tagxedo

I made this by using Taxedo and linking my blog!

I was stumbling through Pinterest when I came across this awesome website, and I knew that I HAD to share it with all of you! Tagxedo allows you to make customizable, professional-looking word-art in just a few clicks! ! Tagxedo allows you to choose the words in your word-art, or you can even link a website that Tagxedo will pull words from. You can also choose the shape of the word art, and if you don't find one that you like, you're welcome to upload your own. On top of that, you can even choose the color, and the font! Eep, think of all of the possibilities! 

The finished pieces would make a lovely, personalized gift and Tagxedo even has a handy link in the top right corner that takes you to their "shop" that will put your designed word-art onto T-shirts, mugs, mouse-pads, and bags. If you don't want to spend money, the designs themselves are free to share as a picture to places like Facebook, Twitter, or your blog. I spent quite a bit of time just having fun messing around with different words and picture combinations! 

Below, I made a Dad-themed word-art for Father's Day. How cute would one of these have been for that baby shower that I just attended? 

I'd love to see any of your finished word-art designs from Tagxedo or ideas about how to utilize it!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Indigo Angel Crafts Etsy Shop

 Good news for lovers of spirituality, quality handmade designs, and inspirational messages- my artistically inclined friend, Megan, has created an Etsy shop named Indigo Angel Crafts to display and sell her lovely, handmade shirts and painted lighters! The items for sale are all priced very fairly- lighters being around $4 and shirts starting at $25. Miss talented will not only recreate any of the displayed t-shirts or lighters for you, but will work with you to create and ship to you a completely unique design of your choosing!

I love learning about the person behind the shop, and I thought that my readers might enjoy a bit of background information about this beauty too. Instead of giving her a list of boring questions to answer like a test, I decided to pick the most important question, "Why did you start Indigo Angel Crafts?" and asked her to elaborate.

Megan's response was honest and candid:

"Well I've always been an artsy person, I love to draw and paint. I do it for fun all the time. I also love fashion and clothes.The problem was that I am a broke college kid, and don't always have the money to go spend on new clothes. I would see different designs in magazines and online, and one day I thought, hey, I could make that. So I finally tried it! I tested on a shirt I already had, and used bleach to paint the design. It actually turned out pretty cool. After that, I made all kinds of stuff, testing on all my clothes. It was cool because I could put exactly what I wanted on the shirts, and it was one of a kind. I dress the way I feel, and like quirky, kind of "out- there" kinds of things, and now I can express what I really like through my clothing. Many of my friends encouraged me to sell the shirts and clothes I was making, and I finally broke down and made a store on Etsy. I am excited, and I hope I can work with customers to help them express how they feel through the clothing we create together."

Below are some of Indigo Angel Craft's currently displayed T-shirts:

And some of her lovely, currently displayed, handmade lighters:

Aren't her shirts and lighters perfect!? You can help support Megan and her shop Indigo Angel Crafts by purchasing her currently displayed items here or contacting her through her Etsy shop and requesting a unique piece!

Soon, Megan will be creating a shop button that I will post under my "Blog Love" tab. If you're interested in supporting Megan by posting her shop button on your own blog or shop page once she creates one, feel free to contact me through my E-mail on my sidebar :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happiness Board Collage

My mother stopped by my apartment the other day, asking for a favor. She handed me a white poster-board and told me that she wanted to make a "Happiness Board" for her very ill, elderly friend. I asked her what she wanted on this board, and she told me, "Anything that will make her smile." I find that clipping out magazine pictures is really therapeutic in itself, so I was excited to help!

Ten magazines and a few hours later, I had created this! :

It turned out a little bit busy, but I was happy that I was able to fill the entire space and not grow too impatient to finish! I gave it to my mom (who is fighting a battle with cancer herself, but still somehow remains beautiful while helping others!) who gave it to her elderly friend. A couple of days later, I received a call from the woman's husband who was adorable in thanking me for the board and said that it lifted his and his wife's spirits.

I'm so glad that I was able to bring a smile to someone who's struggling, and I know that my mom was excited to give it too. I love that the large size of the board gives an impactful first impression, and I plan on making more "Happiness Boards" in the near future to give to others who are having a hard time. 

My mom leaving to bring the Happiness Board to her friend!

If you decide to create your own happiness board to cheer someone up, I'd love to see it!

Spinning on the Beach

We were going to have a nice, quiet night inside, snuggled up with little Belly, but last minute we received an invite to the beach for some fire-poi spinning. Aaron rarely gets the chance to spin his fire poi, so we couldn't say no! Our visit was short, but before we left, I got to snap a few photos of Aaron with other fire spinners and a few of Aaron with his colorful PodPoi before we headed home with sandy toes.

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Blogging Purpose

I first started this blog as an outlet for creativity and as way to refresh my writing skills as I wait to continue my English/Journalism major in the Fall. After I joined a wonderful, supportive blogging network and learned more about the blogging community, I began to feel the pressure to get page-views and followers. I saw other blogs with overwhelming comments and traffic, and in all honesty, I was feeling a bit bummed. Some blogs didn't even have quality content, rather, they hosted blog hops and link parties almost daily and threw in an original post maybe once every two weeks. After five busy days in my real life, I found that I hadn't made a single post, and a ball of anxiety tethered inside of me.

It took that anxiety to remind me of my blog's earlier purpose- serving as an OUTLET for stress, not the igniter of it! And so, with that being said, I must warn my readers that my blog is not always going to be a timely one. You can't count on me to post every day, or even every couple of days. You can't count on me to have perfect word choice or perfect photos, because I'm not perfect. And that is perfectly okay! The point is, is that in real life, I am growing (blossoming, even!) in many mediums- writing, photography, life skills, loving, appreciating, adventuring, and more. And I hope that this blog can serve as a reflection of that growth and give me the chance to share the lovely lessons and experiences that my life brings.

I love all of my followers, even if my following at the moment is small, conversation, and learning new things from others, so please feel comfortable in leaving me comments, whether raving or criticizing my posts. I love e-mails and meeting new bloggers, too, so feel free to drop me an e-mail by clicking my mail icon, even if just to introduce yourself! I plan on sharing my Instagram with all of you lovelies soon, too :)

And so, beginning now, I'm going back to the basics with blogging, and if that means that my following will grow more slowly than others who are constantly advertising their blog on networking and social sites, then that's okay with me!

What is your purpose for blogging?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baby Shower & EDM Event Outfits

The other week, I was really busy and I didn't think that I was going to have as much blogging time as I'd hoped for, so I made it a point to take pictures of some of my outfits and outings. However, I really prefer blogging about the surprises that my current day brings, so most of the photos will likely be collecting dust on my memory card. R.I.P.

I thought I'd save a few from my favorite day last week from their doomed fate. These few were chosen because I especially liked the stark contrast between my day and night outfits!

I was invited to my old soccer coach's baby shower who is expecting a little girl! If you didn't see the baby shower gift that I gave with the handmade card, you can check it out here! The shower was adorable and when I arrived to see the cute decor I was dissapointed that I didn't think to bring my camera. We played a few shower games and I got to catch up with the expectant mommy and some of my old teammates. **Advice for vegan party-goers: Eat before, or bring your own food!!! I ate a bit before I left, but once I saw everyone snacking, I felt like I hadn't eaten in days! Next time, I plan on bringing my own little vegan dish (to share, of course) and maybe a vegan dessert, too. Vegan cookies anyone?

- Dress: Cotton on for around $15 
- Skinny Stud Belt: Forever 21 $4.50
- Brown Bow Flats: Payless for around $10

I found myself at a local EDM event with my boyfriend. If you've never been to a rave or an EDM event, my outfit probably looks a little bit crazy, but I promise, it's the norm in this environment! I love trading Kandi with old friends, or even people I've just met, and supporting my boyfriend who spins poi and sometimes fire! He's getting pretty good at gloving too. If what I'm saying sounds like a foreign language to you, you can check out poi and gloving on one of my older posts where I shared some videos of my boyfriend practicing them here.

Aaron has also recently created a Facebook page that he's named the Kandi Corner, where he's already received 90 likes in 2 days! It's mostly a page just to show off some of his Kandi and spread PLUR, but he also makes really nice, custom Kandi masks for 15-25$ for local customers. I'm pushing him to start an Etsy business so that others can enjoy them too! Feel free to bug him on his page here to start an Etsy business so that you can order one of his awesome masks too, or just to show some support :)

Sorry for the 2 fuzzy photos! They were taken from a camera phone and a computer before/during the night.

- Semi Self-Made Fringe & BeadTop: I bought the flowy tank with triangles from Forever 21 for $10. At home, I fringed the front of the top to string ombre purple and blue beads on. I left the back without beads, because I thought it looked cute the way it was, and my patience was thinning :P....
- Kandi: Handmade and traded with beautiful people!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Last Name Change (I promise!)

I've been playing around with my blog's name for quite a while now, but I've finally settled on Bunny Blossom. I always wanted to keep the "blossom" because it's been a part of my blog since the beginning, but Little Blossom was causing some problems because there were already blogs with nearly the same name and I wanted this blog to be different. I decided to name the blog Bunny Blossom, after my rabbit, Belly. For now, the URL will be, but I plan on making a domain switch if it sticks. 

I'd love to hear your input on my final name switch!

Monday, June 3, 2013

"Rise and Shine" Dry-Erase Morning Motivational Board

Still practicing hiding from photo reflections- eep!

I've been meaning to make a motivational morning board for a while now, but I couldn't decide how to go about it. I knew that I wanted to make it erasable and rewritable so that I could add my day's important to-dos, but my apartment is home to quite a few chalkboard pieces already and so I wanted something different. Something bright and cheery that would serve as art and functionality. I played with the idea of dry-erase boards, but the ones that I've come across are not only très cher, but heavy and artistically limiting.

I filed the idea away for a few weeks and let it fester until I stumbled across a black frame with it's glass at Michael's Craft Store that was on sale for $2 because it had a nick on the corner. The little nick inspired me to paint it a pretty blue ombre (because every girl has to dabble with the ombre trend at least once). I'd once heard that dry-erase marker works perfectly on glass- so I crossed my fingers and gave it a try! The dry-erase marker worked like a charm and left no trace when I used a dry cloth to wipe it off. Perfect!

I decided upon the cliche "Rise and Shine" with a twist by making a printable that said "Rise and..." followed by bullet numbers- the last one being "Shine" and then backed it on a piece of scrapbook paper (that was on sale at Joanne's for 10 cents!) that matched the color that I painted the frame.

The board needed depth, so I decided to add a miniature banner by cutting out green and yellow triangles and taping them to a piece of purple hemp string and threading them through the glass and the frame so that they added a 3-dimensional element.

For such a simple and CHEAP project, it turned out really cute! If I'd seen this at a store, I would've bought it for much more than I spent to make it. Below, I've added DIY directions and a free printable so that you can make your own dry-erase motivational board!

You Will Need:

1. Your free "Rise and Shine" printable here and (optional) a piece of scrapbook paper to back it with that matches your frame color.

2. A full frame (glass included) and one color paint of your choosing + white paint (I used acrylic)

3. Extra scrapbook or card-stock paper, string, and clear tape to make the banner.

4. Dry-erase marker

What To Do:

1. Paint the bottom of your frame the color of your choosing. After, mix white paint with the color previously used to paint the frame bottom to create a lighter shade of the same color. With the new color, paint the top half of the frame. Where the dark and light shades of paint meet, blend with a paintbrush. Let the frame sit until completely dry.

2. Make the banner: Cut out 3 medium-sized triangles of one color and 2 of another. If your frame is longer, feel free to cut out more! Measure out a piece of string a bit the width of your frame (not the width of the glass). Fold over the flat bottoms of each triangle onto the string and secure with a piece of tape on the back side. If need be, trim the folded triangle pieces so that they don't stick out.

3. With the frame turned over and the glass removed, place the banner near the top of the frame so that the tape is facing you and the strings hang off the frame. Place the glass back onto the frame with the banner still there. Now, you will be able to adjust the banner from the front to your liking. Once you decide that it's in the perfect place, simply secure the strings to the back of the frame with a piece of clear tape (It's okay, nobody is going to see the back!). Trim any extra string as needed so that extra doesn't hang off the sides.

4. Secure the "Rise and Shine" printable to a piece of card-stock that matches the frame's color. If your frame is larger than the size of a piece of paper, make sure that you keep the insert that comes with it, so that it can be used as further backing to fill up the entire frame. Secure the frame, and


Next to the free bullet numbers, I like to write in inspirational messages like "Love yourself" next to some of the day's actual to-dos like "Tidy the house", but feel free to use it in any way you see fit!