Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thrifting Adventures

This is my second of outfit collages, and I'm having so much fun with them that I plan on doing so more often! Today was my best friend's day off, so we decided to adventure around town and meander through thrift shops that caught our eye. It was a brutally hot day, so I wore something that was comfy, breezy, and still cute.

My Outfit:
- Denim crop tank: Charlotte Russe for $12.50
- Casual gray skirt: Plato's Closet (Brand American Apparel) for $7, what a steal, eep!
- Tiny sterling silver elephant necklace: Brand Dogeared, but you can find online here for $48
- Faded Green Tom's Shoes: Stolen (temporarily) from my best friend who didn't get much use out of them. I love my Tom's so much that I swear I'm going to wear them 'till my toes poke through the fabric.I hope to be able to buy this cute, crochet white pair here as soon as I land my job and get the money.

Before buying anything lately, I stop and ask myself, "Do I really need it?" My boyfriend and I will be moving a couple hours away next Fall to attend a different University, and so the less stuff that we have to lug, the better. We don't have any furniture that is irreplaceable or too expensive, so we plan on selling what we can while we're still here and picking up cheap furniture and living pieces from thrift stores once we move.

.....buuuuuut, we've been looking for a little room divider for our porch for quite some time now, as it gives little privacy by it's naked self. And when I stumbled upon this simple, classic divider at GoodWill for just $29, I knew that I needed it. Okay, so maybe not. But it was just too darn perfect to pass up (See Below).

...can you believe it!? Thirty dollars!

For the rest of our thrifting adventure, I vowed to spend under ten dollars. I almost bought a beautiful picnic basket, but when my friend questioned me, "Are you really going to use that?" I sighed and put it back. The idea of using it was so lovely, but I knew that now was the time for being practical and that it would've sat in my closet for months before it got the love it deserved.

I treated myself to one last thrift- something that wouldn't have to be hauled away in a moving truck- a delicate, antique, ring that I found in a glass dish, next to others labeled "$10". It fit my middle finger perfectly, so I bought the ring and we left to soothe our stomachs with food and tea.

We had such fun on our adventure, but I wish I would've brought my camera to have been able to document more of it! I promise more next adventure :)

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