Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday- Unplugged

I LOVE my technology, but last Saturday, I had an "ah-ha" moment. I was visiting my mom's house, waiting for her to finish up her load of laundry so that we could chat, and immediately, I pulled out my phone to surf through Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to pass the time. My old cat brushed up against my arm, and I blindly pat him on the head without much thought. The cat gets little attention nowadays- separated from the rest of my mom's house ever since she got a dog that looks at the kitty as a play-thing. My mom asked me to play with him, using his favorite little green shoe string, and, instantly, I was struck with annoyance that I was going to have to peel myself away from technology to play with a cat.

It was then that I realized how backwards my feelings towards this situation were and it was then that the guilt set in. I put down my phone and made myself completely available to the present moment as I played with my old cat and found so much joy in making him jump like a wild beast over beds and under chairs to grab his green string. It was such a simple experience, a childish experience of play, but it was beautiful and fulfilling because I was fully present.

That night, I decided that the following day (Sunday) I would be unplugged from all technology in order to be fully present in every moment that the day would offer. I almost broke this vow when the sun woke me and my first instinct was to lay lazy in bed and surf  Instagram! My boyfriend reminded me of my vow and so I put the phone down. A surge of anxiety tinged my stomach like lightning, and it was then that I recognized the reality of just how dependent I was on technology to entertain my wandering mind. The rest of the morning followed the same pattern, but with each free moment, I was reminded of how to live.

It was more of a challenge than I ever expected, but it was freeing. Usually when I run on the beach in the mornings, I listen to stimulating music to push me to run, but this time without, I was awake to hear the sound of the crashing waves and see the pattern of emerald green and blues where the sea marked it's depth. I was present enough to see a baby seagull dig his beak in the sand and then frolic away when the tide came close. I was fully alive and interconnected with my world, rather than an outside entity using it.

Because this experience was so altering, I've decided to make "Sunday- Unplugged" a ritual. I love my technology, and I love blogging, but sometimes it's beneficial to unplug in order to get back in touch with the purpose of human existence.

You're welcome to join me in Sunday- Unplugged, and I'd love to hear of your efforts and anything you learn from joining my feats!

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