Friday, May 10, 2013

Simple, YUMMY, Vegan Cupcakes

It's not tough to find a good vegan cake recipe, but it IS tough to find a good vegan cake recipe that doesn't call for an egg-replacement. I don't mind using old fashion applesauce or bananas that many vegan cake recipes call for, but applesauce is expensive and bananas don't stay good for long. 

So, when I saw this cake recipe that didn't call for any Frankenvegan ingredients, I was thrilled! It seemed so simple, that for I moment, I wondered if I was being duped... lucky for me (and my boyfriend who's too often deprived of home-made sweets because his vegan girlfriend is a lazy baker), they came out perfectly moist and yummy!

The recipe that I used can be found at Sweet Little Blue Bird here. She calls the recipe "crazy cake" and even has similair recipes for a vanilla spice cake, a carrot cake, a lemon cake, and even a mug cake that's ready in just minutes!

The only thing that I tweaked was that I made cupcakes instead of a pan cake and so I cut the baking time to twenty minutes instead of thirty-five. I followed the optional advice of adding a dust of powdered sugar, too.

Happy baking!

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