Monday, May 27, 2013

Recycling Old Lipstick to Make New Lip Tint!

Something always happens to my lipsticks, whether I leave them in the car and they melt all over my seats, or I twist them up too high and they break in half. This makes me a bit of a lipstick whore- mourning the loss of my Russian Red for an hour, and then quickly moving on to the next. Such ultimate failures wouldn't get me down, if it wasn't for my college budget. Nowadays, food comes before makeup on my list of living essentials, and so I tough it out and rock the naked lip- saving my last morsel of lipstick for special occasions.

But I've had enough! I want to wear lipstick, and I want it now. Something about the instant dose of color it brings to my face just makes me a happier girl.  And so, I gathered my old lipstick tubes (I'm a bit of a pack-rat when it comes to old makeup) and set out with a plan. Thus, this DIY was born. 

All you will need are your old tube(s) of lipstick(s), a toothpick or another thin instrument to extract your lipstick from its casings, a microwaveable bowl, an old and emptied lip balm jar or a new one for 18 cents here (You will need more than one if you're using over 2 lipsticks), and a bit of Jojoba oil. I recently fell in love with Jojoba oil for its many uses and use it in everything from an under-eye moisturizer to leave-in hair treatments! 

What to do:
1. Gather up your old lipsticks. Using a toothpick or another instrument that's disposable, scrape out the remainder of lipstick from each tube that you're using into a small, microwaveable bowl.

2. Microwave the mixture until soft, but not liquidy! My microwave did this in about 18 seconds, but I would set yours for 15, open and check the consistency, and put it back in for the desired time.

3. Take out the bowl from the microwave and add 1-5 drops of Jojoba Oil, depending on the consistency that you prefer and how many lipstick tubes you're using. For 2 lipstick tube remains, I used about 2 drops of Jojoba Oil. The more oil that you use, the more moisturizing it will be- but beware, but too much, and your lipstick will never harden and take the form of your lip balm jar.

4. Make sure all lipstick and Jojoba Oil are evenly mixed, and then scoop out the mixture into your lip balm jar. Using the toothpick, try to make the mixture even, but don't worry if it isn't perfect- as soon as your lip balm is finished, you'll be able to use your finger to smooth it out.

5. Screw cap on to your lip balm jar and place in freezer. Two + hours should do, but it won't hurt to leave your lip balm in for any longer.

The result? (See Below)

Good luck to all those sad, little lipsticks!


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  2. Wow this is such a good idea, a cheap way to make something that i would go pay good money for :) thank you for the great idea!

    From, Laura-Beth

  3. Woah , so creative idea . I just cry out loud whenever my lipstick gets into a melting mess ( preferably when an expensive one)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Right? Now if anyone knows a way to get lipstick out of my car, THAT would be a good DIY haha.

  4. Such fun and creative idea! I have been a lip balm girl since 2011 because of some skin problems. So I am sure that it would be fun to turn mum's and sisters's old lipsticks into lip tint ;)
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  5. Hello, I invented a product, a tiny lip brush which houses inside your empty tube to enable you to use the remaining lip colour hiding in the base of the tube. Please send me a comment and I would be happy to send you a sample. I live in the UK and tried to market this brush, but sadly with no success as lipstick manufacturers would rather you threw this portion away and bought another one!

    1. I would have loved to be of help to show your product, but you've left no e-mail to contact you back with!