Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day Photos

My mom is always complaining that she doesn't have enough pictures of me, and let's face it, I hate pictures. But, I thought that for Mother's Day I could suck it up a little bit and even make this hoakey little setup to show her how much I cared. I even snapped a few of my boyfriend for his mom and we touched up the photos on PicMonkey and made his into a cute collage. 

You can create your own Mother's Day setup with the following:

- This free Mother's Day Printable from Amanda's Parties To Go here. There's even freebies for an entire party setup that matches the banner, what an adorable idea for a Mother's Day party on a budget!

- Green Wedding Shoes, here, gives a great DIY on giant paper flowers. Without reading it thoroughly first, I hopped on over to Target to buy some tissue paper that matched the banner. For realistic-looking roses, a special paper described in her DIY is used, but replacing it with tissue paper worked fine for the shoot :)

For my boyfriend's mom, we used PicMonkey to make a collage of his favorite pictures and made little "We love you!" art on PicMonkey too. I decided to buy the upgraded version for just $5.00 a month to have access to more touch-up options that came in handy.

I'd love to see how your Mother's Day setups turn out!

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