Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Job Interview & Tips

I've been searching for a little Summer job since the beginning of May, so when I found a Craigslist ad looking for seasonal/temporary associate at a woman's clothing store, I was more than eager to pick up an application. I handed in my application today and I had an interview with one other girl, and it went wonderful! I was told that I should get a call back soon to start training, so I'm crossing my fingers. 

Interviews can be stressful, but if you fake confidence, the butterflies dissipate pretty quickly. It doesn't hurt to have an outfit that you feel cute and confident in, too. 

My outfit
- Pale pink, cotton top with lacey sleeve cut-outs: Forever 21 for $7
- Black, textured, fitted skirt: Cotton on for $15
- Black bow flats: Marshall's (past season) for $10
- "Oui oui" necklace: Forever 21 for $3.50
- Tiny black purse: Target (past season) for $7.50

If you can't rock heels, or walking in them makes you feel uncomfortable, don't wear them. A cute pair of black flats can look just as professional when paired with the right skirt or work pants. The place that I was applying to wasn't too upscale, so I was able to get away with wearing a tighter skirt and a top that was a bit dressy casual, but, my outfit could have easily passed by for an interview to a more upscale business or company if paired with a cute blouse and a fitted, cropped blazer. 

Helpful Tips for an Interview:
1. Don't be nervous! Take a few deep breaths before you walk into an interview. You're not being put on-trial. The worst that happens is that you don't get the job and you take your interview as a learning experience as what to do better the next time around.

2. Wear something cute and professional that you feel comfortable in, even if that means wearing professional-looking flats or wedges instead of heels.

3. Be yourself, polished. Your interviewer is a real person, just like you! He or she can tell if you're being fake, so give honest, heartfelt answers when ever possible. 

4. Spit out your gum! It just doesn't look attractive or professional.

5. Before the interview, think of questions that the interviewer might ask and make mock answers. That way, you won't chance freezing up. Common ones include: Why do you want to work here? What are your best and worst qualities? What's an example of a time when you received bad customer service, and how would you change it? What would you say to a customer who says that they're 'just looking'? 

6. Don't get so nervous that you forget to eat before you go! You don't want a growling stomach to distract you from being yourself and landing the job.

7. Make eye contact, but don't stare intently. Staring too much is just downright creepy, but making eye contact while speaking exudes confidence. 

8. Smile, a lot! Act like you want to be there, even if you don't.

9. Stay away from nervous hair-play, nail-biting, and leg jittering. If you're really nervous and need an outlet, trying folding your hands in your lap and squeezing. It's something that will release a bit of energy without being obvious to your interviewer.

10. Bring your resume, even if they give you another application to fill out. Having your resume on hand shows that you're prepared and makes you look organized. I downloaded and used Template #1 from Primer Magazine's free resume templates here

11. Keep your resume simple and to the point. If you're applying for a job as a secretary, you don't need to list that one job you had in high school where you had to dress up as a hotdog on the side of a road. 

12.  If you have had less than 4 previous employers, include volunteer work and extra-curriculars on your resume.

13. Try, try, try again! If you don't land the job, it's okay. The more that you go on interviews, the better you'll be at them and, eventually, you will get hired!

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