Monday, May 13, 2013

Homemade Laundry Soap, the Natural Way (Without Borax)

I feel as if I've been searching ALL my life for an effective, natural DIY laundry soap that didn't contain the infamous Borax in the list of ingredients. Why not Borax? See my short post on the dangers of Borax here if you're curious. For a while, I'd turned to the liquid laundry soap found at my local health foods store. Sure, it worked, but the usual "fresh linen" scent always smelled like gross chemicals to me, not to mention how expensive it it was. But, behold! Finally, a lovely, and incredibly simple, recipe for a powdered laundry soap with ingredients that make me happy to do laundry!

While the packaging is mine to claim, the recipe inside is not. After scouring the web, I finally found the recipe that I settled on at The Not So Modern Housewife here

There's only five ingredients, can you believe it? The recipe that she gives is for 58 loads, and I barely used any of the products that I bought to make it, SO CHEAP!

As for the scent, essential oils are recommended, leaving which scents to be used up to the creator! I used a couple drops of lavender oil, not just because I love the scent, but because lavender oil contains antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. I buy my lavender oil from Whole Foods, by a brand called. You can also buy their oils straight from their website here.

I always have to have cute jars and packaging for my homemade house cleaners, and so I scooped up this odd-shaped clear jar with a light blue, air-tight lid from Marshall's for $4.99. Did I mention how much I love Marshall's? Each load will use about a tablespoon of the recipe, so I stuck my own little tablespoon in the jar that fit perfectly for convenience.

While searching for natural, homemade cleaners, I also stumbled across a SUPER simple homemade dish soap recipe that I'm also slowly falling in love with.I promise to share it tomorrow, but until then, happy cleaning!


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