Monday, May 6, 2013

DIY: $15 Painted Pikachu Shoes

A long time ago, I picked up a pair of plain jane, white, canvas shoes from Target because they were only $15, and being the craft-supply hoarder that I am, I couldn't look past such a great deal. I bought them, and there they sat in my closet for almost a year. While eyeing through Pinterest, I saw an adorable DIY for chevron painted white canvas shoes and decided to paint my own. In a last-minute decision, the yellow paint called out to me and I decided that with a pair of $15 shoes, why not do something different- drastic, even! If I messed up, it wouldn't be anything worth crying over. 

To make your own pair of painted shoes, I recommend starting out with a pair of cheap, white, canvas shoes like I did. The ones here from Target for fifteen dollars are perfect. However, if you're a skilled painter, you could paint over your favorite kind of canvas shoes like these white, canvas Tom's here

I advise that you sketch your design out in pencil first before painting. I used plain old acrylic paint with a dab of acrylic thinner to make the painting more smooth. Instead of painting around each shoelace hole, I painted over them and then with a piece of tissue cleaned them right off. The secret to getting really smooth black outlines? ....Are you ready for it?..... a simple black Sharpie, tehe :)

I'd love to see your own painted canvas shoes!