Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kawaii Cupcake Kitty Plush

My boyfriend, Aaron, and I live together in a tiny apartment with our rabbit, Belly, and sometimes the little quarrels are inevitable. But, by the time that someone raises their voice, it's likely that both of us have forgotten what the fight is even about! The importance lies in choosing the appropriate response, and even if you feel that you're "right", apologizing and reminding your significant other that you love them never hurts ;)

Our last little quarrel, I would've been happy with just a hug and a kiss, but I was ridden with glee when I found this little cutie on my bed waiting for me. I love useless kawaii knick-knacks and collectibles, and I thought that this little plush was just one of the cutest things I'd ever laid my eyes on. Hugs, kisses, chocolates, and flowers are all nice too, but what beats a cupcake cat plushie!? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing.

You can find this cupcake cat plushie for $18 along with other adorable plushies, bags, jewelry, phone cases, buttons, and more at the Sugar Bunny Shop here.

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