Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Belly-Rabbit and Boyfriend

I woke to a gloomy, rainy morning to which I groaned out loud, but celebrated secretly on the inside, for that meant that my morning jog was canceled! Instead, I took the liberty of sleeping in and taking shelter under blankets- soaking up the warmth (and covers) from my boyfriend. My sleepy morning included yummy, vegan apple cinnamon "pan-muffins" (pancakes baked in muffin tins) with a steaming cup of green tea. 

The sleepy morning turned into a much-needed sleepy day, but I did happen to catch a few photos of Aaron and Belly bonding out on the back patio as it drizzled. At one point, the rain was at a perfect tilt as to trickle a bit on Belly, who's never felt the rain before. I assumed she was going to be frightened, but instead she seemed delighted and playfully shook out her fur like a pup! 

It's so wonderful when the weather gives out free excuse-vouchers on days like these! What do you like to do on those sleepy, rainy days?


  1. Belly is Beautiful,A friend told me about your blog and I love it though a few more posts about your baby girl would be lovely,xx Rachel and Speedy

    1. We think she's beautiful too :) and okay! I'll try to give updates on her more often :)
      On my way to check out your blog too- from the name of it, I can imagine that bunnies will be involved and I'm excited!