Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Infinite List of Things to Smile About

Reasons to Smile and Be Happy About Today:

1. Kitten whiskers
2. Rabbit whiskers
3. Any kind of whiskers for that matter 
5. Love
6. Light dispersed through a window
7. The way everyone smiles just a little bit differently
8. The feeling of dried paint on your hands
9. Chipped nail polish (because who wants to be perfect all the time, anyway?)
10. French fries
11. Comfy stockings and boots
12. Frilly socks
14. Green Tea
15. Peonies
16. Weeping willows that look like tree-umbrellas
17. Simple, pure water when you're really thirsty
19. Beady bird eyes that curiously say, "Hello!"
20. Simplicity
21. Fresh, new books
22. Old, worn books
23. Om
24. The rainbow of fruits to choose from and eat
25. The Lion King
26. Chalk and the way it gets all over your clothes and shoes 
27. The way water ripples
28. How the ocean mimics the ins and outs of human breath (Or is it the other way around?)
29. Ukeleles
30. Poetry
32. Glasses that match your hair
35. A breeze
36. Towels warm from the dryer
37. Homemade "everything but the kitchen sink" vegan soup
39. Because you're infinite
40. Tom's shoes
41. The smell of fresh lavender
42. Vintage aprons
43. Delicate carving in wood
44. Going for a run with a dog
45. Colorful fabrics
46. Nintendo 64
47. Sunflower butter (It's good, take my word)
48. Life-sized paper flowers
49. Old maps
50. Thrift stores
51. Plump bunnies
52. Kawaii emoticons
53. Hummus 
54. Tupelo honey
55. Pokemon

*I intend this list to be ongoing, so check back later for more :)

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