Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY: Bookcase Refresh

I love TJ Maxx, and every time I go for one or two items, I come home with a bunch of cheap supplies and new craft ideas! These shelf liners were on sale for $4.50, but my shelfs are already lined, so I began to conjure up new ideas. I decided that my boring, black bookshelf needed a facelift, so I got to work :)

You will need:
- A bookshelf (Mine's from the Target Room Essentials line)

- Shelf liner (There's usually tons of cute picks at TJ Maxx, Marshall's, or Ross, but I've also seen some cute ones at the Dollar Store)

- Modge Podge and paint brush (Optional)

- Scissors

What to do: 
1. Take out the shelves from your bookcase. This meant emptying mine all over the floor!  My boyfriend almost had a heart attack when he came home, tehe.

2. Unroll your shelf liner and turn it to the back side. Usually, there will be lines already drawn as to ease the cutting process. Place the shelf on the liner and trace or mark off where you need to cut.

3. Cut the shelf liner. 

4. Peel away a portion of the liner and line it up with the end of the shelf. I reccomend not peeling the backing all off at once, or it tends to stick to itself and create bubbles. A credit card or any other flat item helps to smooth out any creases and bubbles that you do encounter.

5. Repeat for each shelf. 

6. (Optional) The shelf liner I chose was removable, so I sealed it to the shelves with simple Modge Podge and a paint brush to make sure it wouldn't budge. Even if yours isn't removable, the Modge Podge will give it a nice finish.

7. Put shelves back. 

Voila! Refreshed book case :)

Do you have any unique uses for shelf liner?


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