Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sunshine Roundup: things to brighten a gloomy day

You'd think that living in Florida would mean plenty of sunshine, but the past couple of days have been really overcast and dreary. The blue-grayish tone that casts everything in shadow really puts a damper on my mood, so I thought I'd make a "Sunshine" roundup to lighten things up around here :)

1. "Magic" Yellow Hammock: Yes please! How whimsy and playful. Imagine how lovely it would be to have one of these on the porch on a breezy day (or to lighten up an overcast one)! Most hammocks I come across are over 100$, but this hand-woven, natural cotton one is a steal for only $61 by Hamanica on Etsy. Plus, there's "magic" in the title. I think that's reason enough.

2. Mood Magic Lipstick: This fun lipstick goes on clear and quickly changes to a pleasing coral color. It contains moisturizing aloe vera, and for only $8 at NastyGal, who wouldn't want to carry this in their purse? 

3. DIY Infused Olive Oils: Just Putzing gives a complete how-to for lemon, rosemary, chili, or garlic infused olive oils on her adorable cooking blog. Not only would they look beautiful in the kitchen, but any of these would make an easy gift! 

4. Kimchi Yellow Lace Mesh Backpack: This yellow backpack adds some sunshine to any day (yes, even if that day is spent at school)! It's pretty affordable at $49 here at Urban Outfitters. It also comes in pink and white.

5. You Are My Sunshine Throw Pillow: You don't always need bright colors to add warmth to a room, and this pillow will go with your everchanging living room decor. For just $20 at Society6, I'd buy one for me AND a friend. 

6. Yellow Chevron Washi Tape: You can never have enough washi tape, and yes, that is a fact. The possibilities with washi tape are endless, including: scrapbooking, shelf bordering, cards, cupcake flags, frames... anything you can touch, you can washi tape! These peaceful yellow designs at The Washi Shop on Etsy are sold for $2.50 a roll.

7. Cry-ceratops Tee in Yellow: Well this is just perfectly dorky and cute. On days when I wake up an hour after my alarm was set for (pretty much every day), my go-to wardrobe item is a comfy print tee. I practically collect these things. How could you NOT be happy while wearing this shirt? You can find it here at Mod Cloth for $27.99.

8. No One Belongs Here More Than You. Stories by Miranda July: I love quirky, silly, and sometimes peculiar stories, and this is just that. On a day when you just need a good, short story that tickles your brain, pick up this book here at Amazon for $10.72. After reading it time and time again, I lent it to a friend, who apparently lent it to a friend, who lent it to a friend. I think that should speak for itself :)