Sunday, February 17, 2013

DIY: $11 Map Side-Table

As a broke college kid living in a small apartment, finding furniture that's affordable AND cute is not easy. I take that back, it's impossible. I needed a little side table to distract from the weird end of the PIECE of couch I have (yes, the whole thrifted couch wouldn't fit, but that's another story...) so I put together a $10 Target Room Essentials find and this awesome map I found at a thrift shop in my town for $1! The outcome: A side-table for only $11 that's cute and affordable! I'm still giddy.

You will need: 

- A cheap side-table (I found mine at Target on Clearance, but I'm  sure you could easily thrift one. If all else fails, Ikea sells them here for as little as 8$!)

- A map (I thrifted mine for $1, but if you don't have any old ones lying around or you can't find a thrifted one, you can use
this free printable.)

- Modge Podge (found at craft supply stores in different glosses. I like how matte looks, but a high gloss might look cool too!)

- A paint brush or sponge to use with Modge Podge

- A pen or pencil

- A pair of scissors

What to do: With the map facing upwards, put the top of the table down onto the map and trace around it using a pen or pencil. Remove the table and then cut the map where the pen or pencil is. Then, liberally apply the Modge Podge to the top of the table. Quickly, so that the Modge Podge doesn't dry, place the map upside onto the table top and smooth it out with your fingers. If you really want to make sure that you don't end up with any air bubbles, you can use a credit card or another hard, flat object to smooth out the map, starting from the middle and going outwards. Once you've smoothed it out, apply more Modge Podge to cover the top of the map. And that's it! No, seriously! Wait until it's dry and voila! Affordable, chic side table.


  1. this is so so so awesome! :> Too bad I don't have a spare table at home :c

  2. Ikea for $11! Recently, I saw another craft blog who did the same thing but with a light blue file cabinet and it was adorable too.