Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pastel Pink Hair How-To

I love my pastel-pink hair color, but getting to pale pink from a red/auburn boxed color wasn't a pretty process. I mean, really, it was downright terrible. Naive little me thought that I could undertake this task gracefully within a few, short, days, despite what my hairstylist friends admonished....and I did! The process was a bit stressful, but I'm more than happy with the final results.

However, I cannot emphasize enough that what I did really shouldn't be attempted at home, and if you attempt to do so, I take zero (you hear that, ZILCH!) responsibility for any hair home-dos gone awry. I am not a hair stylist and I'm sure that hair stylists around the world would accuse me of crimes punishable by death.

....that being said, I'm going to share my pastel-pink hair process, and if you're going to rebel against the naysayers, I suppose I couldn't stop you ;)

I began with these must-have products:
(Disposable gloves, Ion color Brilliance Ammonia-Free Powder Lightener (for on and off scalp use), Ion Color Brilliance Creme 10V, Manic Panic Cotton Candy Dye, Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Developer, Packets of Ion Repair Solution, a plastic mixing bowl from Sally's, a plastic mixer from Sally's, and an old towel.)

One of the first things I learned through this process is that you cannot put a lighter hair color over a darker hair color. It just won't work, so don't try it, unless you want a mess. So, in order to go from a dark auburn to light pink, I first had to bleach my hair. I was sure to use gloves, as I don't condone the use of bleach in the first place. I was quite disappointed in myself but saw no other route.

Don't try to bleach your hair yourself unless you want to have patchy hair! I had my beautiful friend Kayla help me out. I left the bleach on for the maximum time that the packet called for (I believe that it was 40 minutes) and I wasn't surprised when I saw bright orange hair. I knew that it was coming- the dreaded carrot top- so I tried to stay calm by recalling that this was a normal part of the process and to be expected.

(Above) Before

(Above) After. Disregard my boyfriend's photo-bomb.

The horror!!!
Hair Stylists, chemistry, and common sense say that you should wait at least a couple of months between hair-bleaches, but I don't always like to listen. I was so appalled at the orange color, that once my hair dried, I had my boyfriend help me reapply the bleach....the same day. I do not advise doing this. By the end of that day, my hair looked like a pile of frizz. But, the orange was slowly subsiding, and with school in just a couple of days, I couldn't afford to wait weeks, let alone months. 

After the second bleaching, my hair didn't make much progress lightening. This could have had something to do with previously bleaching my hair that day, or the fact that my boyfriend didn't really know what he was doing. Either way, I was antsy and used the Ion Color Brilliance 10V dye and to little surprise it did absolutely nothing. Nada. So guess what came next?.....

...Another bleaching. More hair color. More conditioning treatments! Oh, my poor scalp. I waited two days between and then bleached it for the third time and was pleasantly surprised with the results. There was still an orangey hue, but the Color Brilliance 10N-A I used this time (a semi permanent with 20 developer instead of 30 as to not damage my hair any further) took the orange right out! I was back to an acceptable shade of blonde and I couldn't have been happier. I was finally able to leave the house without odd second-glances.

I relished in having a normal hair color back and I was hesitant to attempt the pastel pink. If something went wrong, I couldn't afford to do any more bleaching, plus school was in two days. But, against common sense (do you see a pattern here?) I went for it!

 I chose Manic Panic because it's notorious for being easy on your hair. Also,having used it in the past, I knew that it washed out of my hair pretty easily, so I wouldn't be stuck with pink hair in case I didn't like it.

I've yet to find a hair color company that makes a pretty pastel pink, so I made my own. I simply added conditioner to the dye until it was my desired pale pink color. This can be done with any hair dye, and I've even experimented with mixing a Manic Panic teal and a Manic Panic hot pink to make a pretty purple.

I covered my whole head in the mixture and left it on for more than the suggested time. I wasn't worried, because it was half conditioner and because of Manic Panic's gentle reputation. 

The result? Pretty pastel pink hair! It was still quite damaged after I washed out the dye, but I bought a Nexus Split end treatment for $20 and with the Ion Repair Solutions, my hair is looking much healthier.

Long live pink hair!


  1. aww that's so wonderful! I absolutely love this colour!! :>

    1. Thanks! I actually have a box of red dye laying around unused because before I went pink I was thinking red but I didn't have the guts. Now I regret it, yours is gorgeous!

    2. Awww thank you <3 !! Why do you regret it?;/ I wish such a colour would suit me too :c

    3. I regret it because yours is really pretty without being obnoxious, which is what I was afraid mine might look like. I really love pale skin with dark, vibrant hair. But the pink if fun for now :) maybe in time I'll try the red laying around!

  2. I totally agree with the 'don't bleach your hair on your own' sentiment, I have a pixie cut and still managed to get the bleach so uneven I looked like a jaguar! I had to sneak to the shop with a hat on to buy more bleach...

    1. Oh no! Yeah, I've heard horrer stories about self-bleaching. Even with my friends and boyfriend helping, it turned out a bit patchy the first time >.>... I'm glad you got yours managed! I plan on turning my hair a pastel purple color in the next month or so, so the dreaded bleach will be back...wish me luck!

    2. Yeah, I think it's just getting the technique right, my friend can bleach her hair without too much trouble, but she's been doing it for years. Once it was fixed it looked good, I really want to go blonde again now! Good luck, I'm sure it'll turn out great, if the pink is anything to go by :)

    3. Your hair looks cute right now, but blonde is always fun ^_^ I feel like I can wear more dark colors with blonde hair and not have my face look all washed out. Thank you! I'm sure I'll be posting pictures here when I do it :)