Saturday, January 5, 2013


      Well hello! You've stumbled upon an experiment of sorts. I'm entirely new to blogging (besides exercising my re-blog finger on Tumblr) so any feedback or advice will always be more than appreciated. I enjoy long walks on the beach, puppies, going to the movies.... okay, only kidding. All that's really important is that I love creating.  I equally enjoy getting a little messy in the process- the more paint-stained limbs, the better. 
I intend for this blog to be dedicated to DIY's, whether they be ones I think up with my own noggin, or one's that others have created (that I will source, of course) with some added tips and pointers about the process. I might even throw in some reviews if I find a product that's just too awesome not to share. However, I can't promise that there won't also be a bit of randomness inbetween. 


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